Light Stim for Acne


If you have ever been prone to breakouts ( like I have) that make you want to stay indoors…I’d like to suggest that you try something. Light Stim is an LED light therapy device that you can purchase for use at home. It heals and calms your breakouts while preventing or minimizing the future breakouts.

IMG_0018The steps are easy…plug it in, hold the light right up to your skin. And done. The device beeps after three minutes letting you know its time to move to another area.

True Story: I have been using this device for two weeks now. Once a day, 6 times each week. I have seen such a hug difference. OBVIOUSLY you need to also adopt the right skin cleansing regimen to go with it. I won’t say my skin is looking better because of LIGHT STIM alone…but I do know that it has helped maintained a clean and more healthy looking complexion. With my wedding exactly three months away…I welcome this!!! $169 + Free Shipping. Something to note: LightStim for Acne comes with a 100% 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Look it up. If you try it…please let me know what you think. Can’t wait to hear about how much you enjoy it and what it’s done for you complexion.

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