What do you travel with?

That circulated air on airplanes gets me every single time. I can walk onto the plane with a peppy complexion and clean skin…sans any bumps or pimples. Sure enough, a few hours  in and I am on the verge of a breakout. I am red. I am puffy. I am unhappy!

With all that said…I’ve learned a few things with each trip to Paris an back ( that is not an easy flight from LA. It is long!). You can’t get off the plane looking miserable – especially if you have to go straight to a meeting for Fashion Week. No no no.

Here is what I travel with:

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel. It’s a two step process and you don’t have to rinse it. Step 1 exfoliates and smooths… Step 2 is all about firming and lifting. It’s great! You can find this on amazon or on the brands siteL http://www.drdennisgross.com
  2. Guinot Time Logic Age Serum for Eyes. This feels so silky and smooth . It minimizes puffiness and helps work against time! http://www.dermstore.com
  3. Retinol Reform ( ReSurface by Shani Darden )…it is magic. It is exactly what it says… a retinol mixture that reforms your skin.
  4. DRY SHAMPOO from Dry Bar. Such a great way to freshen up your hair after a long flight.
  5. Mascara
  6. Lip Color
  7. MOISTURIZER. Mine is tinted but that isn’t necessary. You need something to nourish your skin and give it some moisture on a long flight.


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