So…I’m getting married ! ? ! (Pinch Me)

If you know me, you know what a hopeless romantic I really am. You know that I had dreamt about my wedding since I was a little girl. Had grand ideas of the way I wanted it all to look. As an adult, I thought that my visions might be a bit more grounded now. Nope. I am still that little girl who was waiting for Mr. Right.

Mr. Right took forever to find me. Thirty-one years to be exact. I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I had expectations of being married by the time I was 22 or at least 25. That didn’t happen, thankfully. I say ‘thankfully’ because I had absolutely no idea who I was back then. Didn’t know what I wanted from a relationship but most importantly, I hadn’t discovered ME yet. Fast forward to now, I know myself, I am confident, I have established myself…and I have found love.

My wedding is in 1 month and two weeks. Last month, I had my final fitting in Paris for my wedding gown. That is when it REALLY hit me. My gown is stunning and an ELIE SAAB HAUTE COUTURE gown – something I will cherish forever. They don’t tell you that putting the veil on makes it so very real…well, I am telling you now. Major waterworks. M A J O R.

As I count down to the wedding, I am going to calm my nerves with some posts about wedding planning and the process. My process. My journey. I love weddings so much…and I can’t believe mine is just around the corner!

Would you believe that I still don’t know how I want my make-up to look? I haven’t done a hair trial yet? My gown has been shipped from Paris and I can’t take it out of the box to hand because I have nowhere to hide that beautiful creature? I haven’t selected my rehearsal dinner outfit. I haven’t selected my bridal shower outfit. i haven’t selected to the two looks I NEED to select for our pre-wedding photoshoot that is taking place on Wednesday ( in about four days!)…

What I might be the most upset about is that I didn’t taking dieting seriously enough. I  didn’t want to drop a lot…just about 7lbs. But happiness makes me want to indulge more…so I guess I can’t be too upset. right? I am putting it in writing here…starting today- I am watching my food and working out. Nothing too drastic since my dress has already been fit to my body. But something to make me feel lighter in my photos.

It’s a lot, folks. Any input and help along the way would be amazing!

yours truly,


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