Bathing Suit Season



If you’re like me at all – you dread Bathing Suit season. The primary reason for all the agony is because you never really get your diet together in time to feel the way you want to for the season. The second reason can chalked up to the hunt for the perfect bathing suit. It is tough!! Am I right?

Last summer, I was walking down Beverly Blvd after enjoying a couple Taco’s at La Otra Taqueria here in Los Angeles – when I passed by this boutique called Malia Mills. It is 99.9% bathing suits…all of its own namesake brand.

Ladies, I can’t tell you enough about these suits. I am such a fan! I tried every single combination of their bikini’s and even their one piece suits. You can’t go wrong. It feels like a second skin. My husband says that they fit so naturally and beautifully. I agree – and its rare that I say i liked myself in a bathing suit!

The suit I settled on and bought in every color way was the ‘ cinch bottom ‘ and the ‘bralette’ top. They are so great. They give you the right amount of coverage to be both modern and modest. The bottom comes in an array of colors and prints…they could work on offering a better selection of colors for the top. I think they will get there.

They have so much to select from, ladies. You want high waist? They have options. You want something ultra sexy and tiny – they have that too. You want an elegant one piece suit that feels modern yet retro…THEY HAVE IT. If you grab yourself one… go on vacation and share a shot with me by using the #YoursTrulySahar – I would love to see!

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