Fathers Day Gift Guide

When Father’s Day rolls around, I am stumped. Totally stumped. My dad doesn’t want or really need a single thing. If he wants something, he buys it before any of us could know he wanted it. Here we are again, Father’s Day is around the corner. After taking my father into consideration – I realized a few things. He is the man who has everything but still deserves more.

So, I decided to share with you the six items I feel could actually go over really well. Item’s that won’t go unopened and unused.

Your father might be getting more stylish as time passes – or not. Let’s help keep that style going.

ONE: Not your average button down.

Denim on Denim is one of my favorite looks for humans. Always has been. So why not encourage dad to get the look? Help him perfect his style.

Frank & OakJ CrewThe Gap …all great spots for a wonderful denim shirt. You have a selection of washes and tones when it comes to denim. I suggest somewhere between light and dark. You can also buy him a short sleeve button down- I good compromise for the father that likes less restriction in the arms.

TWO: Travel In Style.

Luggage can be ugly, lets be real. However, it can also be incredibly chic.

Fairly certain we just found the chicest of them all. RADEN luggage has some technology we KNOW your father will appreciate. Follow the link…thank me later.

**If you follow the link, you’ll see that they option this item in an array of colors. Pretty cool way to pick whats perfect for your special guy!

THREE: Play Games.

To pick up where the luggage suggestion left us…Dad need’s something to fill his time between flights, right? And isn’t is the cardinal rule – all men love poker?

If your dad does, we have the perfect mini Travel Poker Set you can buy to help him pass the time and keep him having fun!

My father not only loves poker but also loves Backgammon – so here is the perfect trail size set, in my opinion.

FOUR: Socks to be you?

I love to see a fairly conservative guy rock amazing and fun socks. Happy Socks are there to make your dad’s feet happy! Buy it for your dad, your baby daddy, your grand-father… it’s sure to keep them smiling!

FIVE: Drink In Style.

When your father is entertaining the guys, he should do it in style.

Your dad a Moscow Mule kind of guy? These mugs make for an authentic experience for all who want to enjoy a delicious drink.

While my father doesn’t actually drink Whiskey, his friends do. So why not make my dad look good by grabbing him a chic Whiskey Set . You can find these on-line and in-store, making delivery simple!

SIX: The Collector

Watches. Men love watches. And as women, we love our men to store their chic things in chic ways. So here is a sleek and clean Watch Box to consider. What makes this even more special is that it can be personalized.

SEVEN: Make work feel easy.

These days, you can work from nearly anywhere if you have a smart phone. The smart traveler has invested in a tablet they can work from. The issue with a tablet is that you don’t have a keypad. You have to work on a touch screen platform – UNLESS, you have a keyboard you can link. So this Apple Keyboard is my suggestion – but there are so many options available. If you search from something specific to the device your father is using, you can probably order it via Amazon. Give your fathers hands a break…and let work feel easy!



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