Tassel Loafers

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.43.44 PM

Wore my ZARA tassel loafers today – although it was way too hot outside to be wearing them. Nonetheless, I wore them. They are such a steal, folks. $49.99.  They come in black and in a camel tone that is worth working into your wardrobe. These are such a steal. I had every intention of sharing other options for you to consider but the reality is that these are not only good looking shoes but the price can’t be argued. So, that is that. I am leaving it at that.

These are wonderful leading you into Fall. You can pull many looks together with these. Giving you a tailored look, even if you aren’t that put together. Trust!
How to wear them? So many different ways. Today, I wore them with cropped denim, a black button up tank and a cross body bag (love being hands free). Not sure why I didn’t think to document the outfit for you to see but I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

This would be equally adorable with a button front denim or twill skirt and a great blouse or camisole tucked in. Finish it off with one of these accessories – a colorful head band, a choker or tie a dainty scarf around your neck. *PICK ONE. DO NOT MIX ALL THREE.(Styling Tip: Also, ANY of these would look better with the camisole or something with a more open neckline).

**In the Fall, you can pair them with sheer or opaque tights. Same denim skirt, a long sleeve button up and a trench. I love a good trench that nips in at the waist and has create structure.

Such a cute look!




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