OTK { Over The Knee }

It is officially boot weather, ladies! In all honesty, its always boot weather when you are a fashionista. You’ll find an artful way of wearing a pair of over the knee camel boots in the dead of summer – and nobody will question you. Let’s shift gears to Fall, a more appropriate time of year for the boots..and one most people can get behind.

If you’re like me, you want to either invest in a really great timeless boot that will last you a long time. Or, you could be looking for affordable fashion pieces to stay on trend. Either way, perfectly fine. You have to do you, boo.

I picked a few that I thought you could get behind.

The ones I am wearing in the photo here and on my personal Instagram – those are CHANEL boots from 7.5 years ago. Yes. SEVEN YEARS AGO. In perfect condition, thank you very much!!! So clearly, I stayed true to Sahar and splurged on something that would last me a good while.  I like them slight slouched at the ankle but they are 100% intended to be worn OVER THE KNEE.   [ Let’s also keep it real. I 100% have a shoe problem. If you actually saw my shoe closet – I truly think you would swoon. #JustSaying ]

ZARA. The Go To. Am I right? These burgundy velvet beauties ( which also come in blue ) are so affordable and do two things for your wardrobe. If you recall, a couple weeks ago I talked about velvet and how it’s the fabric of the season…case and point. Here they are in a beautiful rich color that you can truly wear with so many things. If you rather stick to all black and integrate a rich pop of color – here you go! Wear them over your jeans, under a dress…there are tons of options. They are also the perfect heel height with a great bock heel to keep it comfortable. $119.00 bucks. Feel like a splurge? I can break it down for you. Wear them ONLY 7 times…it comes out to 17 dollars a wear. I mean….

They have another option if you want to stick to black ( can’t blame you) and something a bit more affordable..done. These are less than 90 bucks.


Neoprene isn’t going anywhere and can feel like a second skin. So why not get yourself this MISGUIDED boots. There color is great for the earth tone ladies out there. Mix-n-Match with denim, blush blouses, teddy bear sweaters and more. Also affordable. Promise.

Many of you might be looking for an affordable flat over the knee boot. Truthfully, that likely means you’re planning on wearing them more often. If you think it’s going to become your day to day boot for the Fall – you need something a bit more durable but still fashionable. VIA SPIGA wins with that one. This boot comes in multiple different colors and will last you – while making you look good.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 4.15.15 PM.png

Ready for the splurge portion of this post? I am!

Since my personal photos shows me sporting a pair of Chanel boots, it’s only fair to show you how you can get something more “of the times” from them. These are great because they have special details worth integrating into your wardrobe. They are $2,700 though. So, don’t get married to the idea of them if that’t more than your rent!

You know that you can A L W A Y S count on Charlotte Olympia for the perfect items to splurge on. These stretch suede thigh high beauties are pretty perfect – and I am REALLY into that transparent perspex heel. Something I truly believe you can incorporate into your wardrobe for hears to come. $1700.


Yours Truly,


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