Make It Personal – Gift Ideas

If you can believe it ( and I cannot ), the holidays are nearing. QUICKLY!

I am going to hope that some of you out there are like me when it comes to gift selection. Selecting the right gift is super duper distressing. Right? ( Just agree with me, here).Right!

So, I channeled my frustration into action and decided to put together a group of gift ideas for you to consider. I’ll share them with you week by week, so keep checking back!

Personalization is all the rage right now. Folks are getting their names monogrammed on nearly everything. While that is G R E A T, I’d like to suggest a new level of personalization that is incredibly elegant. IT will knock their socks off …and yours.

If I told you that a personal note or someones name could be embossed in any color you could want – IN YOUR HANDWRITING – would that capture your attention? DUH!


ANYA HINDMARCH never disappoints, in every regard. Ever! To top that off, she presents BESPOKE. Guys, this level of personalization the brand offers has been an integral part of her brand DNA for years and is something worth exploring. I am not kidding when I say you could have your very own message in your very own handwriting embossed in a wallet, on a bookmark, on an album. Yes, you can. If  the brand makes it, you can emboss it!



You can even personalize keepsake boxes in any size with inlaid photos. Yes!

I can’t express to you how incredibly exquisite this service is. If you live in Los Angeles, the brand JUST opened it’t beautiful shop on the infamous Melrose Place. I would take a quick trip to the trendy street and visit the shop! You could stop by Alfred’s Tea Shop and take an “instgrammable” photo by the pale pink tiled walls, or grab a super delicious Moon Juice drink next door.




Los Angeles: 8461 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069, US

New York: 795 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065, US

Follow the brand on Instagram

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