Friends Give Friends Face Lifts

Yes! Friends Give Friends Face Lifts.

At 33, I am consistently reminded of the importance of skin care. I have trouble skin, so its a great deal of work on my part. I’ve finally found a routine that works for me, finally, at 33 ( that rhymes). So what’s next?

As we get older we begin to worry about wrinkles, amongst other things. Yet, with technology, we have access to so many wonderful products that can substitute surgery OR even injections. So, wondering what you could give to your family and friends – the great holiday gift?  Skin preservation tools! After all, its the only skin we’ve got!

NuFACE is a easy to use, handheld device that you can buy for friends or family.


What can you do with it? Facial countering, minimize wrinkles and improve skin tone. The device sends micro currents through your skin, down to your muscles – stimulating dormant collagen and elastin. Basically, its giving them life!

In about Five minutes a day, you can take steps to press pause on the aging effects on your skin and face. It’s a great gift. It’s a bit pricey but maybe you can go in on it with your friends or family – SPLIT the cost! A collective gift that is sure to put on smile on their face!

If you want an expert opinion, Shani Darden is a wonderful person to follow and engage with. She is the aesthetician of all aestheticians. She changed my skin and actually introduced me to products that have helped! I take her word on all things related to skin. So do folks like Jessica Alba, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and others…folks who how to always be camera ready. So, if Shani can keep them camera ready – I think she can help this ol’mug.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 2.31.07 PM.png


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