#IDreamOf a world where we all contribute to our global society in meaningful ways that are long lasting and impactful. I hope this campaign will bring awareness to charities that work towards achieving that goal! Let’s spread the word and get involved!

This specific Tuesday  might be known as #GivingTuesday but I think we should work on giving as much as we can to make an impact. I’ve teamed up with BRIDGE2ACT for their #IDREAMOF challenge, where they have tapped Influencers across industries to get the word out and inspire impact. There are so many things we can do as individuals and as a society to make the change we want to see. Often times, its difficult to know how to start or where.

Along with Bridge2Act, I selected a few specific charities that I felt were doing the work

I wish I could do myself! 

To learn more about the threes I selected to highlight, go to my personal donor page! If you feel like you can give a dollar or two to one of the charities, it would be truly amazing. If you can share that personalized link with your friends or on your social media, that would be super amazing as well. Anything we can do as a society to get the word out… to make an impact… GLOBALLY!

SHARE THE LINK, Friends!! And if you donate, tag me in a social media post so we can share the wisdom with all your friends!

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