Found’em! The Perfect Boots for Me!

Finding the perfect boot is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Why, you ask? We could be here all day.

But here’s the truth- I’m not particularly tall…which means I don’t have the longest legs.

The rise on boots makes a huge impact on the way I look. I want to buy something that that helps lengthen me, or at least that helps create the illusion of an elongated leg. Something compact with clean lines- often times the construction on affordable boots tend to feel about clown-ish. They can have an oddly round toe and feel sort of flimsy. Therefore, Not the easiest search.

I bought and returned a bunch of boots – just couldn’t commit. Until, I walked by a boutique in Paris and saw these bad boys in the window. These checked all the boxes for me. They are JONAK PARIS and cost me $135.00 Euros. I am so thrilled I found them! DIAPASON boots  Here they are in Brown!

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