You might be thinking – I don’t need a watch. I can use my phone for the time.

I used to say that, so I totally understand if you’re saying that now. BUT, let me stop you. As I inch up to adulthood, I realize that there is something very grown up about wearing a watch. It makes you seem responsible. You’re a woman with a schedule. You’ve got places to be. People to see. Decisions to make.

I’m going to help you narrow it down by sharing with you a few of my favorite Henry London watches.

Selecting a watch that speaks to your personality, personal taste while giving you that refined look can be a tricky task. Some prefer really bulky sports watches ( the ones that count your calories, reads your mood, goes underwater and could withstand a fire )…if that is you, this specific post might not be for you. Some want something classic. They want something sleek and special. That’s where I can help!

It’s tricky to find a well crafted watch on a budget. If everyone had thousands laying around, sure – lean on Montblanc, Cartier, Rolex…

If you saw my instagram the other day, I was indecisive because these two watches were just fun and totally different for me to consider. The Richmond is really quite dainty and feminine which I find to be timeless. The petite proportions really rest well on the arm and don’t draw too much attention. Mesh straps contour perfectly to your wrist and you can easily adjust for the desired fit. It has this really bright white dial that contrasts the gold hands… I am really loving this watch. Not sure I will be taking it off.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.48.55 PM


Prefer a leather strap? They have so many great premium leather colors to choose from – – so its nearly impossible NOT to find the perfect one for you. It is also impossible to actually choose one. But, because they are priced so well and made so well – order a couple! I’ve included a few you might want to consider, ladies! While you are at it – take a look your him, too. Try the Chiswick , Edgware or the Edgware Moonphase




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