Favorite Things | My Favorite Flower Shop in Los Angeles


Gorgeous blooms can change your day! Sending or receiving them change my mood in an instant.When you receive a beautiful floral arrangement – does it not put the biggest smile on your face? If you answer no – I can tell you right now, you’re lying!

For work, I order tons of flowers to be sent to some of the most talented folks in styling, entertainment and more. With that said, they clearly need to be super impressive and stunning. From time to time, I want them to reflect me or the brand I am sending them on behalf of – but mostly, I want them to capture that beauty in the recipient. With that said, my absolute favorite flower shop to place orders from is The Petals Workshop. There is something wildly romantic and unique about each arrangement. Thank me later, ok?

The Petal WorkshopPrivate Floral Studio in West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA 90048

PS. South Bay Friends, your answer is always The Yellow Vase! =) 


Leave me a comment if you have worked with The Petals Workshop before!

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