Designers that take a stand for what they believe in…it’s become quite “the thing” to do. I couldn’t be happier about it. The climate we live in right now requires that – from all of us. The days of sitting back and living in a bubble are over.

We have all seen those feminist t-shirts that walked down the runways at Dior and Prabal.

This one has a broader message.

French designer, Sophie Theallet was the first to stand up for her beliefs when Donald Trump was elected as our President. Theallet came out very publicly to make it known that she would not be dressing the First Lady. The rhetoric from the campaign is not in line with who she is and what her designs are about. Theallet is about inclusion not hate. In return, the hate mail and messages she received inspired her to develop these t-shirts.  Callers compared her clothing to rags and called her a  P O S ( piece of shit, if you need me to spell it out for you). Yep, cruel, vile messages were left for this remarkably talented woman who creates beautiful clothing. She turns it into art and expression. My feelings… ?

I love my shirt and what it’s message.

Where to buy it? Here’s the link! POS T-Shirt

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