The Seasonless Staple

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot. Name the one wardrobe item that easily takes the title of perennial crowd-pleaser? It has to be the denim jacket. The coverall that adds a laid-back element to nearly every look you pair it with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.57.42 PM.png

This seasonless staple will sneak into your #OOTD’s without a second thought. They come in all shapes and sizes – adorned with personalized embellishments or kept sweet and simple. The point is, if you don’t have one yet – get one! Try on a bunch but don’t leave the store without one.


You can throw it on when theres a slight breeze on a Friday night in July, layered under a fur in the dead of winter, thrown on over your dress that might be too fancy  for the plans but you adhere to the ‘ it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed’ rule, so wharves. Also, in the event that you thought the ‘perennial crowd-please’ was another wardrobe staple…do share! Would love to know!

I am wearing the ARITZIA Golden by TNA Yamashita Jacket  and if you don’t find me totally convincing, try checking out Angela Fink on Instagram. 

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