Exercise Your Right to Accessorize : Dean Davidson 

You’ve heard this before but I will tell you again: Jewelry is an easy way to add interest to your look.  Generally speaking, accessories can do that across the board. Heels, bags, jewels… they make the biggest difference.

I love handbags and shoes just as much as the next girl but just couldn’t get into jewelry.

Lately I’ve notice the tides turning for me though. So I’ve been trying a lot more jewelry lately – sprucing up some simple looks with some not so simple jewelry.

A favorite of mine has quickly become Dean Davidson because of its inherently architectural designs. Davidson has some amazing pieces that allow you to complement your look – adding touches of interest without being overwhelming. Layer things and it’s definitely creating a more stand out look – but baby steps for me!

These specific pieces worked so great together. They are bold, sharp and interesting to look at. It’s also incredibly helpful that you could own them so such a affordable price. While you won’t find all these fab pieces on the site – there’s a lot of goodness to choose from. Browse!

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