High Waist + Wide Leg

Everyone has a favorite season and mine is most definitely Fall. For lots of reasons but mostly because you can start pulling out those cardigans, sweaters and coat. Oh, and tights! This Fall, I see myself gravitating towards a specific item that checks a lot of boxes for me which is also perfect for work!

Yes, if the title didn’t give it away – I am all about the HIGH WAIST & WIDE LEG trouser. I’ve already put them into rotation a bit this summer ( impatient!). Truth is, trousers like these aren’t earth shattering for any season but they have become a personal preference as of late. Cropped or floor length, they have really become a staple in my weekly rotation. It almost feels effortless to thrown on a pair of these trousers, grab a top and head out.

The camel trouser I am wearing in the photo isn’t available anymore but I’ve found some options that have the same spirit. Check them out- link in the caption.

Something I like about a high waist trouser is all the ways you can style it! My favorite way as of late has been to pair it with a everybody’s favorite staple. A GREAT t-shirt. Not just ANY t-shirt but specifically the new HANES collaboration with Karla Welch – Hanes x Karla. ( I even love the packaging. Order one – you’ll love everything about it!)

Guys, its so good. The quality and the fit of each style is perfect. Not to mention, you’re getting a designer quality t-shirt for $30 bucks. Lucky for me, I know Karla personally ( no, did not wait for the freebies- purchased all eight of mine) and can tell you that she is as cool as the concept of reinventing the most “democratic item of clothing” – the white t-shirt. Ok, she’s cooler.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 6.59.38 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.18.23 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.15.23 PM
Peter Petrov 

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