Who is Sahar?

Hi Guys! I’m just a girl standing in front of the world- asking it to love her!

Not exactly- but high five to anyone who can name which film I pulled this that from (and slightly altered)!

Who am I? A lot of things. A new wife, an entrepreneur, a politically and social conscious woman…

 I am the founder of an LA based Fashion PR firm where I bring designers and celebrities together. You can see what we do there if you visit us on instagram: @laChambrePR, if you’re in interested.

This blogis an outlet for me to share with you some creative content about fashion, health, skin, products – the works! Where I can show you some of my favorite things, in my own voice. Maybe they will become some of your favorite things too.

Would love to hear from you!

We’ll see! xx

Yours Truly,




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