Throw On A Leather Jacket & Go! 

How to complete the look? You guessed it. A leather jacket!

Top: Jean Paul Gaultier.                                    Denim: re-worked Citizens of Humanity.    Bag: Carolina Santo Domingo.                        Shoes: Everlane.                                                  Sunnies: Roberi & Fraud 

Everyone Loves Plaid

It’s no secret that I love the Fall! If you’ve followed my instagram you’ll see I’m constantly updating you on my favorite fall fashions. Sweaters, coats, layering- yes!

One of my favorite trends for this fall is a cult favorite- Plaid. It’s hard to find the right plaid piece to incorporate but it’s also tricky to pick the right plaid. My Paule Ka  vest is a tight plaid print that helps the look remain tailored. Also, I am such a sucker for vests.

You can keep this casual with a pair of denim. Mine are Madewell. Or you can pair your plaid with high waisted wide leg pants, cropped trousers or a skirt. Vests are so versatile and not season specific (at least not in the book of Sahar!) I also played with prints by pairing it with this Everlane black and white stripped blouse. The boots are from Via Spiga. Friends, check out the link because they are seriously giving us major fire with all their new styles. Check it all out then tell me what you think. Leave a comment here or on my instagram!

High Waist + Wide Leg

Everyone has a favorite season and mine is most definitely Fall. For lots of reasons but mostly because you can start pulling out those cardigans, sweaters and coat. Oh, and tights! This Fall, I see myself gravitating towards a specific item that checks a lot of boxes for me which is also perfect for work!

Yes, if the title didn’t give it away – I am all about the HIGH WAIST & WIDE LEG trouser. I’ve already put them into rotation a bit this summer ( impatient!). Truth is, trousers like these aren’t earth shattering for any season but they have become a personal preference as of late. Cropped or floor length, they have really become a staple in my weekly rotation. It almost feels effortless to thrown on a pair of these trousers, grab a top and head out.

The camel trouser I am wearing in the photo isn’t available anymore but I’ve found some options that have the same spirit. Check them out- link in the caption.

Something I like about a high waist trouser is all the ways you can style it! My favorite way as of late has been to pair it with a everybody’s favorite staple. A GREAT t-shirt. Not just ANY t-shirt but specifically the new HANES collaboration with Karla Welch – Hanes x Karla. ( I even love the packaging. Order one – you’ll love everything about it!)

Guys, its so good. The quality and the fit of each style is perfect. Not to mention, you’re getting a designer quality t-shirt for $30 bucks. Lucky for me, I know Karla personally ( no, did not wait for the freebies- purchased all eight of mine) and can tell you that she is as cool as the concept of reinventing the most “democratic item of clothing” – the white t-shirt. Ok, she’s cooler.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 6.59.38 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.18.23 PM


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 7.15.23 PM
Peter Petrov 

Exercise Your Right to Accessorize : Dean Davidson 

You’ve heard this before but I will tell you again: Jewelry is an easy way to add interest to your look.  Generally speaking, accessories can do that across the board. Heels, bags, jewels… they make the biggest difference.

I love handbags and shoes just as much as the next girl but just couldn’t get into jewelry.

Lately I’ve notice the tides turning for me though. So I’ve been trying a lot more jewelry lately – sprucing up some simple looks with some not so simple jewelry.

A favorite of mine has quickly become Dean Davidson because of its inherently architectural designs. Davidson has some amazing pieces that allow you to complement your look – adding touches of interest without being overwhelming. Layer things and it’s definitely creating a more stand out look – but baby steps for me!

These specific pieces worked so great together. They are bold, sharp and interesting to look at. It’s also incredibly helpful that you could own them so such a affordable price. While you won’t find all these fab pieces on the site – there’s a lot of goodness to choose from. Browse!

Slide Into Vacation Mode

As I was prepping for my trip to Cabo with Bobby, I realized I didn’t have the proper poolside slides. Have loads of slides but not for the pool. Being on a time crunch with work and all, I went to my trusted Target. It never lets you down, am I right?

I thought I’d end up with some silly pair of poolside shoes ( since you’ll never ever see me wearing flip-flops!) when I came across THIS jem. Yes, wanna-be Fenty x Puma slides. Perfect! Had been eyeing the real deal anyway but was compelled to hold off. Now I know why!

They are called the Julia slides from Mossimo Supply Co with an affordable price tag. Less than 25 bucks, kids! Run!

They also come in blush! Sweet!

Pendant Perfection

Found the perfect pendant your friends will pine for! Newbie clutch designer Lilian Afshar has added this gorgeous pendant to the mix – and we couldn’t be more excited about them. The circular marble piece can easily be switched out for another color, whenever you felt like it. Simply genius! Follow her on Instagram and discover her brand if you don’t already. @lilianafshar 


The Seasonless Staple

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot. Name the one wardrobe item that easily takes the title of perennial crowd-pleaser? It has to be the denim jacket. The coverall that adds a laid-back element to nearly every look you pair it with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.57.42 PM.png

This seasonless staple will sneak into your #OOTD’s without a second thought. They come in all shapes and sizes – adorned with personalized embellishments or kept sweet and simple. The point is, if you don’t have one yet – get one! Try on a bunch but don’t leave the store without one.


You can throw it on when theres a slight breeze on a Friday night in July, layered under a fur in the dead of winter, thrown on over your dress that might be too fancy  for the plans but you adhere to the ‘ it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed’ rule, so wharves. Also, in the event that you thought the ‘perennial crowd-please’ was another wardrobe staple…do share! Would love to know!

I am wearing the ARITZIA Golden by TNA Yamashita Jacket  and if you don’t find me totally convincing, try checking out Angela Fink on Instagram.