Every now and then, I start to snoop around my own closet, rediscovering things I have totally forgotten about, seeking to re-introduce items back into the mix. Do you do this? It’s almost like shopping but without charging your card.

If you are anything like me, you forgot what you own – especially since you never like getting rid of anything. So, the other day, as I was packing for a sweet surprise getaway my husband planned for us – I stumbled upon my Gucci kitten heel sling-backs that my mom bought me over 10 years ago.

When they say fashion comes back full circle, they are right folks. Can’t tell you how many women stopped me at the hotel or on my way to work today ( since I am wearing them) and asked me where I got them. Loving my white vintage Gucci’s and I want to help you get the look! Here are three options at two different price points for you to consider!

$$$$ Coming in at under $500 are these rose pink Mansur Gavriel suede heeled slippers can help you get the look. There are a few reasons why I think these are pretty perfect for a day to day shoe –

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.39.29 PMA)  The heel is on 65mm, so very wearable. B) The blush tone can easily add an extra something to any outfit. Be it a tone on tone look you’re hoping to break up a bit ( say, denim on denim ) or you can pair with a floral dress ( throw on a denim jacket). Keep it easy with blue jeans, a white t-shirt and these babies…? Pretty effortless outfit that ticks several fashion boxes right now.  C) Don’t like blush? You are in luck This style comes in MULTIPLE colors. Click the link to see what I mean.

A Girl’s Gotta Have Options: If I were you, I’d look into leather option from Maryam Nassir Zadeh in Black Calf, too. It is well priced to last you at $385. Not bad, folks! You will have these in your wardrobe for years to come!

$$ Coming in at under $150, these EVERLANE heels are great!  Not at all similar to mine but they give you the vibe and feel. A comfortable everyday heel with a throwback feel. Would you agree? Comes in four different colors… pretty good! Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.18.09 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.15.00 PM.png

$ Coming in at under $50 ( yes, five – zero ) – we have two options for you to consider. Both from the most reliable source for fast and affordable fashion, ASOS. Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.54.21 PMFirst, what they call the Pinkie Pointed Heeled Mule   that is $48 and available on-line. The color is references blue. The detail I really here is the shape of that heel.

The second option is Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.01.18 PMactually a bit closer to my old school Gucci’s.
Yes, both white and slingback – but more than that – the toe point is pretty similar too, elongating the leg.

The heel is higher than mine but also a block heel which promises an element of comfort you want in an everyday shoe. This one is $42.00 – You really can’t beat that.

A Girl’s Gotta Have Options: Urban Outfitters

WHAT’S NOW? | The Circle Bag

It’s no secret that one of the quickest ways to update your wardrobe is via accessories. Would you agree? I think it’s important to mention that accessories are like the cherry on top for an outfit… the icing on the cake, if you will! They can truly take an outfit from good to great. You can also get your hands on amazing accessory options at a range of prices- from reasonable to ridiculous! I’m going to believe you agree with all the above. 

If you ask me what accessory to consider for your next purchase, I would tell you that I am a huge admirer of the circle bag.  Have you seen some of these? Or, maybe you’ve already got one!? 

Short story, I used to have a beautiful leather cream circle handbag from Gucci with the old school logo embossed on the side…REALLY wish I didn’t give that away! *Le Sigh

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.10.26 PM

My top pick for you fashionista’s is this amazing Mansur Gavriel hand bag. I am certain you have seen this brands handbags – they started off with a really clean and simple bucket bag. Discret and beautiful crafted. It became a favorite REAL quick!

Here is there circle bag – to be carried by the handle. Kind of retro!

From the beautiful leather and construction to the size – it’s perfect!

The zipper closure is beautiful and lets you style with mixed metals. Dig it! Love the name of the color also – Flamma! But there are other colors if you prefer ( you can take a look at Moda Operandi, too)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.29.54 PM             

An alternative that is drastically different is this circle straw bag by Samuji. Loving this green color that it is shown in here ( you kind find the other color way option by checking out Moda Operandi).

It is definitely larger in size so it stands out a bit more and can have multiple uses: day bag to beach bag. Luckily, that shoulder strap can make it the perfect Spring/Summer cross body.

Can you see yourself incorporating a straw bag into your wardrobe?

Here are some options for you to consider at price point you feel the most comfortable with!

This Roksanda bag is more like a clutch and comes in three really great color options. This rust color being my favorite! There is also this Marfa option from Madewell. ( click on those links to check out the bags!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.21.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3.15.41 PM



On a strict budget? This silver patent leather cross body above really nails it , if you ask me. Yes. Silver patent leather. The black leather straps are a great contrast and help ground it. This DVF bag comes in black too – BUT – I think the patent speaks to a few more trends than the alternative. Price is pretty amazing, too.


Have you heard of Hillier Bartley? If not, look them up now. This duo has an amazing circle bag that can easily be worn cross body. The color way? Pink?! The tassel? Orange?! 

Both are so very special and really add something bold and clean to any look. The bright pink and orange accents are so perfect for spring!

The link above takes you to Net-A-Porter – a great place to explore and learn about new designers.

Let me know what you think about these options? Do you think you will incorporate  this trend into your wardrobe? Would love to see! Leave me a comment and let me know!

( Photos from Moda Operandi and Net-A-Porter )

Favorite Things | The Robe 

Navy and a robe. Things I am loving! 

The robe jacket has quickly become a trend that jumped off from the Duster jacket. There is an ease about the robe jacket that I really dig though – almost prefer. 

Typically I stay away from stripes but really love this Aritzia robe jacket because those stripes are vertical and elongating.  The Khalo jacket comes in black and white too if you feel the navy isn’t versatile enough for you. 

Another favorite of mine is this Josie Natori hibiscus robe. So gorgeously stunning and feminine. Josie Natori has so many luxe options – you should click that link and wander around a bit. 


Designers that take a stand for what they believe in…it’s become quite “the thing” to do. I couldn’t be happier about it. The climate we live in right now requires that – from all of us. The days of sitting back and living in a bubble are over.

We have all seen those feminist t-shirts that walked down the runways at Dior and Prabal.

This one has a broader message.

French designer, Sophie Theallet was the first to stand up for her beliefs when Donald Trump was elected as our President. Theallet came out very publicly to make it known that she would not be dressing the First Lady. The rhetoric from the campaign is not in line with who she is and what her designs are about. Theallet is about inclusion not hate. In return, the hate mail and messages she received inspired her to develop these t-shirts.  Callers compared her clothing to rags and called her a  P O S ( piece of shit, if you need me to spell it out for you). Yep, cruel, vile messages were left for this remarkably talented woman who creates beautiful clothing. She turns it into art and expression. My feelings… ?

I love my shirt and what it’s message.

Where to buy it? Here’s the link! POS T-Shirt

Favorite Things | My Favorite Flower Shop in Los Angeles


Gorgeous blooms can change your day! Sending or receiving them change my mood in an instant.When you receive a beautiful floral arrangement – does it not put the biggest smile on your face? If you answer no – I can tell you right now, you’re lying!

For work, I order tons of flowers to be sent to some of the most talented folks in styling, entertainment and more. With that said, they clearly need to be super impressive and stunning. From time to time, I want them to reflect me or the brand I am sending them on behalf of – but mostly, I want them to capture that beauty in the recipient. With that said, my absolute favorite flower shop to place orders from is The Petals Workshop. There is something wildly romantic and unique about each arrangement. Thank me later, ok?

The Petal WorkshopPrivate Floral Studio in West Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA 90048

PS. South Bay Friends, your answer is always The Yellow Vase! =) 


Leave me a comment if you have worked with The Petals Workshop before!



You might be thinking – I don’t need a watch. I can use my phone for the time.

I used to say that, so I totally understand if you’re saying that now. BUT, let me stop you. As I inch up to adulthood, I realize that there is something very grown up about wearing a watch. It makes you seem responsible. You’re a woman with a schedule. You’ve got places to be. People to see. Decisions to make.

I’m going to help you narrow it down by sharing with you a few of my favorite Henry London watches.

Selecting a watch that speaks to your personality, personal taste while giving you that refined look can be a tricky task. Some prefer really bulky sports watches ( the ones that count your calories, reads your mood, goes underwater and could withstand a fire )…if that is you, this specific post might not be for you. Some want something classic. They want something sleek and special. That’s where I can help!

It’s tricky to find a well crafted watch on a budget. If everyone had thousands laying around, sure – lean on Montblanc, Cartier, Rolex…

If you saw my instagram the other day, I was indecisive because these two watches were just fun and totally different for me to consider. The Richmond is really quite dainty and feminine which I find to be timeless. The petite proportions really rest well on the arm and don’t draw too much attention. Mesh straps contour perfectly to your wrist and you can easily adjust for the desired fit. It has this really bright white dial that contrasts the gold hands… I am really loving this watch. Not sure I will be taking it off.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.48.55 PM


Prefer a leather strap? They have so many great premium leather colors to choose from – – so its nearly impossible NOT to find the perfect one for you. It is also impossible to actually choose one. But, because they are priced so well and made so well – order a couple! I’ve included a few you might want to consider, ladies! While you are at it – take a look your him, too. Try the Chiswick , Edgware or the Edgware Moonphase